About us


Royal Star Shipping Company has been operational for the last 20 years. The company was founded by late Mr. Abraham N. Munuo and his wife Mrs. Rahel Munuo.

Both pioneered the post independence Tanzania shipping industry Mr. Munuo worked for National Shipping Agency (NASACO) for over 30 years until upon his retirement .He held various senior leadership positions during his working career and led Nasaco, one of the largest cooperation in Tanzania at the time.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Munuo’s passion for the shipping industry led to creation of Royal Star Shipping Company. The first office was opened on Tanga more than 20 years ago. Later due to the expansion on the client base that Royal Star was serving, the management decided to open a branch office in Dar Es Salaam. Our Company is committed to customer service and Excellency in the quality of work we do for our clients.


  • To deal in the business of Clearing & Forwarding and Warehousing
  • To deal in the Business of export and Import
  • To deal in the Business of bonded warehousing of full container
  • To deal in the Business of bonded warehousing of full container
  • To carry on the Business of buying and selling of any product within Tanzania and other Countries
  • To act as super cargo, cargo verifiers, cargo tracers, cargo palletizes, and unities and provide other auxiliary port services.
  • To act as consultant and advisors in all aspects of marine and other related services.
  • To carry on the business of hardware’s, building materials timber and wood of all kinds and to manufacture and deal in articles of all kinds and wood.
  • To provide logistic activities

Royal Star Shipping Co. Ltd., is unique entity in an otherwise undifferentiated world of cargo companies. Though many other companies seek to imitate our practices and success, none can offer clients the dedication and scope of experience of Royal Star Shipping Co. Ltd… With the most careful eye for detail, and a tenacity born from over 30 years combined experience in the shipping industry, Royal Star Shipping Company’s expertise now reaches in every direction, and is available to many industries less acquainted with a Freight Forwarders that offers its clients this level of services.

With world-renowned expertise in the handling, planning, and execution of ever size and shape of time-sensitive cargo, there is no transportation project on earth too large or too complex. And we bring this experience to bear for every client on every move, every time.

ROYAL STAR SHIPPING COMPANY LTD is the registered Company Limited by shares with registration No 38459 incorporated under the Companies ordinance (Cap 212) and the Company was registered on 17th December 1999 and tin certificate number is 101-193-551.

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